Martin Kimpston


For the past 15 years Martin Kimpston (NSCA-CPT, MATs) has been working in the fitness industry occupying numerous roles. His career began immediately following college graduation, where he worked as a fitness specialist and front desk attendant. As he developed his knowledge he ascended to the role of personal trainer and six years later, he became the Fitness Director of a major health club in Chicago. During his time as a fitness director he continued to meet with clients while also dedicating himself to improving his skill through education. This led him to Muscle Activation Techniques, which he has been practicing since 2011.

The story of how Martin became interested in fitness begins at childhood. As he watched and mimicked his older brother working out, Martin found himself developing an excitement and focus that he had not noticed before. Soon after, he made the connection that strength training made him stronger and faster in his athletic pursuits, namely football and track. His focus and desire to improve his body helped him excel in both sports and ultimately led to college scholarship. In college, his dedication and commitment helped him compete at the highest level each year. Injuries would happen on occasion and Martin would focus on fixing them via stretching and corrective exercises, though this would offer only temporary relief. Something more permanent would escape him until years later.

Following college, it was his experience working with clients that forced him to realize that while what he learned in class was important, it only scratched the surface of the knowledge he needed to work at his best. He found himself becoming frustrated and confused when the information he researched on specific issues worked on one client but not on the next client who was presenting the same issue. He felt as if he was trying it all: he would stretch the client, have them work on their core, try to improve their balance all with varying results of minimal success. This all changed when he learned about Muscle Activation Techniques from a colleague.

Since 2010, Martin has focused on learning the principles of MATTM in order improve the contractile capabilities of his clients. This has caused tremendous decreases in tightness, pain during daily activities, and occurrence of injury for his clients while also providing an overall improvement in performance. He continues to build his understanding of body mechanics in order to help his clients stay in the game in terms of exercise.


  • Resistance Training Specialist Master
  • Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer