The mission of Strictly Muscles offers a friendly and nurturing environment where we are not just committed to help people physcially, by assessing, correcting, improving, and managing one's muscular systems, but to educate on why this issue is occurring and teach how to self manage the problem through exercise. So the individuals can return or continue their daily lives.


At Strictly Muscles, Scott and Cindi solve problems in human movement and motor control by focusing on the contraction-shortening aspect of muscle tension development. When a muscle is able to contract efficiently it will shorten appropriately. Since muscles work in tandem to control joint motion the opposing muscle(s) typically will be able to lengthen and that "tight" feeling when muscle contraction-shortening is restored.

By  forces, strategically to the body, we assess the ability of muscles to contract through a unique combination of procedures. Our goal is to improve and progress the individual’s functional performance, regardless of where he/she is currently along the fitness spectrum. As well we At the individual on how to prevent and manage a recurring problem. The better the body is able to contract muscles under its own power, the better the body is able to move which, in turn, may improve performance and reduce a person’s pain or discomfort.

Recall a time when you were involved in a group project and imagine there were 5 people in the group. What happens if 3 people don’t do their jobs, essentially just leaving the group? Not only would the other 2 people be forced to do the entire project themselves they would be stressed, angry, and extremely tired in the process, creating an unfavorable environment for themselves and everyone else. Our goal is to bring back the missing group members (muscles who have diminished contractile efficiency), which shares the workload across individuals and improves the group dynamics (decreases individual overworked muscle(s), injury, and pain). Ultimately leading to a successful project outcome (improved joint mobility and reduced wear on joint surfaces). Result: An efficiently contracting muscular system leads to better movement, including exercise, and a happier, healthier body.